Chemiplastica Molding Compounds

Thermoset plastic dinnerware, form compression and injection moulding

Set the Standards that Cover the World

Chemiplastica thermoset molding compounds are compounds and resins composed of urea (UF) and melamine (MF).  Our Thermosets offer many advantages over basic thermoplastics, and are suitable for compression, transfer or injection molding.  Applications include dinnerware, ashtrays, caps and closures for the cosmetics industry, precision medical components, electrical wallplates and switches, buttons, and much more.

Chemiplastica Urochem Molding Compounds:
Thermosets for Home and Industry

Chemiplastica urea thermoset molding compounds offer a wide range of applications for every-day living and industry.

Thermoset electrical circuitry, junction boxes, insulation, for industrial applicationsEconomically priced, these urea (UF) thermosets are strong, glossy, and durable. They are not affected by fats, oils esters, ether, petrol, alcohol or acetone, nor by detergents or weak acids, and they exhibit good resistance to weak alkalis.

Their high mechanical strength, heat and fire resistance, and good electrical arc and tracking resistance make them an ideal plastic for numerous industrial and household applications, from doorknoobs and toilet seats to electrical components and cosmetics enclosures.  You name it -- if it can be plastic, it can be stronger and brighter as a Chemiplastica urea thermoset.

We can manufacture our UF or MF thermosets in a precise and vibrant array of colors. Two-tone compression molding using doublepunch tools will enable you to express your creative designs.

Chemiplastica Melochem Molding Compounds:
Thermosets for Demanding Applications

Chemiplastica melamine thermoset plastics are similar to our urea molding compounds, but melamine has even better resistance to heat, chemicals, moisture, electricity and scratching.

dishcup2.gif (10498 bytes)Our melamine (MF) thermosets are ideal for dinnerware, kitchen utensils, bathroom accessories, and electrical components. The molded compounds are bright, inviting, and highly resistant to scratches and staining. Chemiplastica melamine thermosets are approved for contact with foodstuffs, and they do not affect the food's flavor - even at high temperatures. They are very, very durable.

Like our urea molding compounds, our melamine thermosets consist of plastic that has high surface hardness and gloss, brilliant and precise colors, and light fastness. Our melamines are even more resistant to solvents and household chemicals. Our line of melamine compounds amplifies all the qualities of our more economical urea plastics, which themselves amplify the well known qualities of basic thermoplastics.

Expressing Your Marketing Concepts with Chemiplastica Molding Compounds

molded thermoset plastic accessories: toilet seats, cosmetic enclosures, caps, electrical accessories, houseware

The excellent moldability of our thermoset materials offers your designers and molders great freedom to express your marketing concepts through fashion, color and shape.

Always adapting to our customers' needs, we can customize the properties of our thermosets for your specific applications.

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