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Molds the Future of Plastics Today

Chemiplastica has more than 70 years experience with thermosets, particularly urea and melamine molding compounds. These compounds are used to manufacture beautiful and functional plastics, from stylish dinnerware and household accessories to precision medical parts and electrical switches, junction boxes and insulation materials.

Our Thermosets Resources Provide Global Reach with Local Touch Spinning Globe: home of Chemiplastica's injection, compression and transfer molding compounds

The global operations of the Chemiplastica family encompasses facilities in Italy, Sweden, Mexico and the USA.

A themosets plastic technichian testing amino compounds

Our global reach gives us the resources to support a high level of research and development and to stay close to our customers' needs. Chemiplastica has access to the extensive R&D and expertise in plastic materials that exist both within the corporation and with our university affiliates.

The Chemiplastica plant in Florence, Massachusetts researches, produces and sells the world's best thermosets. We are able to maintain uncompromising quality in our production through complete in-house control.

Caring for Your Environment -- and Ours!

Consisting of resin and cellulose, products made of amino molding compounds are harmless to the environment. The cellulose we use is supplied by manufacturers using a chlorine-free process.

Chemiplastica recycles thermoset plastics for dinnerware, electrical components, bathroom accessories, etc.Chemiplastica's thermoset materials can be recycled. With no compromise to the quality of our thermosets, you can recycle some of your spin-off (ground scraps, runners, sprues, and flash) directly back into the hopper of your molding machines. Also, cured amino compound parts are ground into useful plastic blast media.

Chemiplastica continuously strives to improve environmental and working conditions. Chemiplastica's environmental policy is:

  • To constantly develop new techniques for optimizing environmental safety.
  • To exceed environmental stipulations by broad margins.
  • To implement a continual on-site environmental audit.

Adding It Up

Concentrating on the thermosets niche, harnessing our global resources in plastics, working closely with customers worldwide, and looking to our families' future, Chemiplastica Compounds will quickly deliver today's - and tomorrow's - best match for your thermoset plastic requirements.

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